Mad tv

madtv is a sketch comedy show on fox. the show started in 1995, and is currently on it’s 10th season. it is fast paced, wild and crazy humor, lots of fun and funny cast members.
the cast members write most of their sketches which is very cool. they have reccuring characters, they parodie music vieos, impersonate celebrities, and just fool around with the cast members and stuff!
shot in hollywood, ca. tickets are free. live tapings occur ever other friday.
the madtv dvds some out sometime in september of 2004.
stuart: linda? linda? linda? linda? linnnnndaaaaaaaa… linda?

linda: yes yes, -annoyed sigh- what is it stuart

stuart: …look what i can do!

(stuart jumps and dances around)

linda: you know what, you know what stuart look what i can do

(linda jumps around, mocking stuart)

linda: see that is not that hard, that is not a good trick!

stuart: you’re ugly
a show based off a highly successful comedic magazine of the same name, except barely any of the elements that made the magazine funny are present. snl may be running thin by now, but mad tv makes it look like f-cking shakespeare. a painfully unfunny show with sh-tty sketches.
what the f-ck happened to in living color? that was like, the only funny sketch show that fox ever aired! fox needs to cancel mad tv a.s.a.p.

how cr-p like mad tv airs for 11 years on fox but good shows like firefly get canceled after one season is beyond me.
this is where comedians go if they don’t make the audition for snl.
“mad tv sucks. these actors have no talent, just like the writers. i’m going to watch snl.”
a sketch tv show launched on fox in 1995 to run against nbc’s snl its is supposedly “over the edge” when infact, it just uses immature fart jokes, blue humor, etc. when it tries to do a decent sketch, the entire thing becomes an insult to a celebrity. like ” boy i’m sweating like a dog”, and then another person would say “stop pretending to be whitney houston!”
mad tv is a poorly done sketch show.
a show on comedy central. while new episodes of snl suck, mad tv is infinitely worse. even though it isn’t live, the “actors” still manage to mess things up all the time. features awful impressions of the same celebrities every show; almost always oprah, dr. phil, steven seagal, or shaquille o’neal. also features unfunny skits with characters that are basically even uglier versions of the cast but with speech impediment (see: miss swan, stuart) mostly comprised of fart jokes, slapstick comedy, or just plain unfunny jokes.
dumb-ss: oh! mad tv is on!

me: oh god. where’s the d-mn remote?

dumb-ss: wow! an episode of gilligan’s island, but in spanish! how do the mad tv writers manage to come up with this stuff?

me: you should be shot.

dumb-ss: look! will s-sso is doing his dead-on impression of robert deniro! wow it’s funnier this time than the last six episodes.
a huge waste of airtime. comedy central has aired it far too much within the past year. mad tv rarely has there beeb anything more than fart jokes and references to s-x, unlike sat-rday night live, which has good jokes, in comparison.
comedy central is airing another eight-hour block of mad tv?
1. where humor goes to die.
2. where comedians go and then never work again.
michaela: what ever happened to will s-sso?
jim: remember? he was on mad tv so no one in hollywood will hire him.
michaela: oh yeah! that show is terrible.

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