there goes another madhumitha.

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  • jezus

    either the lord and savior or the guy mowing your lawn person a: do you know jezus is watching you. person b: yes he is mowing my lawn.

  • ruxbe

    a lucky beautiful, imaganative girl. most likely german. i met this girl named ruxbe, i think i’m going to marry her.

  • simauraye

    a name used to describe an overly tall african american that may also be recognized as t-tan. he has a tendency to be slow at times, however, is easily forgiving and catch up. he also spreads positivity among various people and is a great friend. d-mn simauraye, i thought you would stop being a t-tan […]

  • inheadable

    where someone dyes their hair any unnatural color. the dye seeps into the brain and makes them crazy. jesse is so inheadable right now.

  • spaghettiballin

    another way of saying ballin but ballin on a higher level nate: i’m ballin bro bill: well, i’m spaghettiballin cuz

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