an extremely beautiful, funny, and loving girl. who cares about people and only wants the best for people. a person who’s straightforward and honest about everything. someone who will always be there for you, and care deeply about you.
magan tyler
pr-nounced may-gan.
a girl’s name, much like megan or meagan. usually spelled m-a-g-a-n in the south. magans are usually blonde, preppy girls, that also have a redneck side. girls named magan hate it when people say their name maggin.
hey man, did you see that girl magan?
yeah, she looked dang good.
pr-nounced may-gan (british english only)

magan describes a man who is:

really weird and/or f-cked up
tight with money
a liar
a poor lover
a rubbish boyfriend
a disloyal friend
very scrawny

also used to describe a man who has:

no morals
no concept of respect
an unnaturally large collection of animal s-x videos
very thin d-ck that wouldn’t break a virgin.
an inflated view of himself.
a huge ego.
no luck with women as he is a pathetic boyfriend.

can also be used as a verb: to magan, maganing, maganed.
sh-t bro, you been acting like a f-ckin magan these last few days.

i ain’t surprised you dumped him, he’s such a magan f-ggot!

he was totally maganed last week – it is so over!

he’s starting to magan you girl, you better drop that motherf-cker quick.

maganing is what low life cheapskate f-gs do.
a girl who sucks at writing, she would do anything to skip school. her world revolved around parties! she knows how to have a good time. she loves sleeping. a total rebel!
magan should drop out
an extremely rare breed of sh-t green flamingo. runs akward due to the lack of last two toes. is extremely aggressive and malnurished. likes to kidnap and eat sasuage link babies. feeds on blackberries,untill bored, and likes dangley shiny things. usually can be found riding around in new cars– with the blue mongoose alyssa. watch out, they will run you over and take your nose.
i got ran over by a magan.
the awesomest person you’ll ever meet. always second best and outshined by others. skinny jeans, bright colors, and shy. acts like a r-t-rd, so you can see her from a mile away. when you see her, try your best not to stare. she’s hostile.
do you see that magan over there? dude, i think she’s going to eat me.

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