magic bullet

a term used to describe a universal solution a person uses for any problem they encounter. usually used when a person can’t construct a good debate as a last resort.
“s-xism” for feminists and chauvinists.

“racism” for anyone that has a problem with someone that has a different skin color than them.
a term regarding most of the call of duties, especially black ops. a magic bullet is the last bullet in a guns clip, which always kills a person (the magic bullet is shot and then reloading follows). even if if the person barely shot you, if you get hit with the magic bullet you die.
dudee!!! wtf i was owning this dude and then he got me with his magic bullet! what a lucky douchebag!
the type of p–p you take that doesnt require any wipe whatsoever. so clean that it literally just slides out of ones own -n-s nice and fast, and leaves behind no evidence. i diet in high fiber can be attributed to this.
me: remeber when you shoved that pen up my r-ct-m the other day?
friend: yeah yo, there was no brown on that pen when i pulled it out.
me: well, i just did a magic bullet with my p–p. didn’t even have to wipe.
friend: so what you sayin is your r-ct-m be clean enough for some pen action again?
me: (winks)
a laxative suppository.
“dude i was backed up for like a week, then i stuck a magic bullet in my b-tt and it cleared out the pipes”

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