Magpie Effect

an overwhelming urge to purchase an item of no practical value and/or out of once price range purely based on its appearance.
usually the item in question is either glittery or catching the light causing the victim to become entranced by said item.

at the risk of sounding s-xist it primarily affects women where shoes are concerned and men in car show rooms.
“i know i can’t walk in heals, let alone 6 inch ones but they looked so pretty glistening away in the shop window, i succ-mbed to the magpie effect instantaneously.”
the effect that causes girls to be attracted to shiny things
girl: omg that diamond is so big and shiny i want it now
boy: woah calm down, it’s just the magpie effect talking

girl: omg that guy dressed up as a tin man is so big and shiny i want him now
boy: do you wanna see my magpie effect 😉

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