a d-ck. has a big -ss d-ck. only likes girls that also have d-cks. his first word was d-ck. only wears polo. #justthetip
who is that -sshole in the polo shirt over there?
oh thats mahdr hes cool

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  • nuggem

    anything small ex. adam’s d-ck dude you got a total nuggem

  • mudder*sshole

    a rude person she is a mudder-sshole

  • clasps

    male strippers im gonna get some clasps yeah!

  • telesforo

    biggest f-g you’ll ever meet, but has a small wiener. so g-y he can’t even walk straight. loves d-ck, & dogs, but not dog d-ck, he’s not that desperate. never thinks before speaking. loves to lick b-tts, says “tastes good”. sh-ttiest tractor driver around. likes to sling rocks at old mexican men on zero turns. […]

  • carolina latte

    the s-xual act of eating out an -n-l creampie when the -j-c-l-t- is combined with feces. things were taken to another level when derek gave gina a carolina latte on their second date.

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