to be an all rounded perfect person and good at everything.
“wow, you are so mahir..”
adj. the name mahir means skilled in arabic. described as someone who is highly competent. mahir is also a guy who is -n-lytical, exceptional at mathematics, and considered to be an expert at what he does.
dude, i’m so impressed. you were really a mahir at sailing.

i was ballin’ with some friends and this one guy was a total mahir on the court. d-mnnn!
the infamous creator of the i kiss you!!! website.
this is my page …….

welcome to my home page !!!!!!!!!

i kiss you !!!!!

i like music , i have many many musicenstrumans my home i can play

i like sport , swiming , basketball ,tenis , volayball , walk ………

i like s-x

i like travel i go 3-4 country every year

i went , germany , nederland , belgium , austria , denmark, sweden , hungary

moldovia , ukraina , bulgaria , romania , macedonia ,azerbaijan , georrgia , iran …..
an amazing boy who loves to interact with people. he is intelligent and is really kind. a bit sensitive, outgoing, charismatic, optimistic, hilarious (a bit dirty :p), a little bit serious at times…he will bring joy and happiness to whoever he acquaints with. he is a bit clingy and is really innocent, which is why he is sometimes misunderstood. but those who really know and understand him, will never regret it. he’ll be the most loyal friend/lover anyone can ever have. if he comes around in your life, he’ll change it completely and will never leave your side. not even till death.

a.k.a: a s-xy child who knows how to treat people with kindness and respect! 🙂
good kisser, good looking, kind, generous, chill, hilarious (a bit dirty)… yep, he’s a mahir!
a person who is always saying “say nuttin”
shut your a mahir

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