loser, jerk, derka derk
you’re such a mahurgaderga

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  • gentleman caller

    a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman i heard about you and your gentleman caller. facial hair style: where a man, or in some cases a hairy woman, grows a poostache accompanied by a bunching of chinhair. wow mick, that sure is a filthy gentleman caller

  • germanian hobkn*b

    a word used when you are trying to attack someone but dont know what to say you are a freakin germanian hobkn-b

  • horseradishing

    the act off sucking of a horse so it blows it’s load in your mouth “you hear about that boy sayd?” “no, whats the crack?” “boy’s screwed in the head, he goes horseradishing!” “that’s naaasty!!”

  • horshbek

    derived from the words “wh-r-” and “bek” (mouth). this combination is used to describe a filthy taste in ones mouth. imagine the taste in a wh-r-s mouth after a long nights work. 1)i shouldn’t have kissed that silly b-tch, she gave me one killer horshbek!! 2)after katie gave tom a “rusty trombone” she realized that […]

  • piggyback speeder

    this is the person who drives somewhat close behind someone else who is speeding so that the first person will hopefully get the ticket, but the second person can still speed. i had to make it home really fast yesterday, so i became a piggyback speeder behind this guy in a corvette.

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