an awesome girl to hang out with who is also very down to earth. she will always make you laugh, with her or at her. caution makes random s-xual remarks/jokes. also, you can’t help, but to protect her and her high spirit. most likely found within a club partying her -ss off but not to hard. she also loves a good alaskan pancake piledriver upside-down milk machine. you’ll have lots of fun with this one. proceed with caution when approaching this one. may try to scratch your eyes out, best if approached with a stick and food. caution: when -rg-sms she tends to act like a praying mantis, the only difference is she saves the head as a measure of her conquests.
john: dude did you hear about matt and his wild night with maissel.

juan: no what happened?
john: dude made her c-m so hard he lost his head! its mounted on her wall now.

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