the most awesome city/town in existence.
located on the island of oahu in the state(formally kingdom) of hawaii. a city/town that is entirely on a mountain called palehua. and 2 other hills called puuomakakilo and puuopalailai. hawaiian english translation is, observational eye. has only one way in and out, through makakilo drive
puuomakakilo is also known as “bola head mountain” for its bald head like shape. this is where the name of the city/town originated from. also has a quarry and multiple bunckers left from world war ii.
puuopalailai is less known for. once it was a quarry. then turned into a landfill. this is the hill that lies directly above wet and wild. there is a street named after puuopalailai, named “palailai street” which runs through lower makakilo.
consisting of two schools.
one of which is called mauka lani which is also known as
one of the worst elementary schools in the state of hawaii, one reason is because of its lack of real buildings since most of itʻs buildings are portables.
the other is called makakilo elementry school. it is the first school to be built in the kapolei district. it has its own holiday on april 25th, by mayor or city and county of honolulu, mufi hanneman.
makakilo is the best city that ever existed.

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