a very bad-tempered person
that is such a makaloa move!

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  • uncle horhe

    your overweight, mexican, h-m-s-xual uncle. suzie: why doesn’t anyone talk about your uncle? david: he’s an uncle horhé.

  • faux tolerance

    forced acceptance, approval and applause of beliefs that are different from your own. “they continued to demand that i was being intolerant but their definition of tolerance was actually faux tolerance.”

  • bloated cheeto puff

    an arrogant racist orange man who is now the president of the united states, a.k.a. donald j. trump. person a: hey, you know who won the election? person b: yeah, the bloated cheeto puff.

  • fr*n*s c*ck

    braided d-ck hair “oh boy did you see that fr-n-s c-ck, it must have been growing for years to achieve that fr-n-s c-ck!”

  • ywow

    you would only would. things that people in say to confuse others. often used in the southwest region and texas. i seen that #ywow but you not getting it.

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