Make 7-Up Yours!

a 7-up tv advertis-m-nt from 1999-2005, which featured comedian orlando jones wearing a green t-shirt that said “make 7” on the front of it, and “up yours!” on the back of it. jones would then walk around and tell people to “make 7-up yours!”, where he would get responses like an angry insulted guy yelling “same to you!”

this advertis-m-nt actually became so popular that shirts similar to the one jones wore became available for sale through many gag-gift catalogues, record/cd stores, and media play entertainment centers.
orlando jones: i’m the guy who makes 7-up, and i also write the advertising. i just came up with a great new slogan – “make 7-up yours!” -points at front of shirt- “make 7”, -points at back of shirt- “up yours!”…

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