when a girl is giving you a bl-wj-b and u c-m all over her face
hey dude, last night cloë was sucking my d-ck and i pulled out and gave her a make over.
a current trend in television programs where people are told that they do not match the cultural norm either in the way they look or dress. using special effects, advanced computer manipulation and spray painting techniques the person is then given the illusion that they look like a film star or can afford to buy top line designer clothes while bringing up two small children on a part time job serving fries.

while showing the person ‘before’ is common. the post ‘make over’ victim is not often seen.
she thought the television makeover would change her life, but the next day on looking in the mirror she noticed that her acne, goofy teeth and the huge wart on her nose had somehow mysteriously re-appeared.
a word in girl talk that is code for tampon.
i need a makeover right now.
this is the facial’s older and tougher big brother. after a guy -j-c-l-t-s, he takes his -j-c-l-t-d swimmers and wipes it on the girl’s face, hence, giving her a makeover.
jim gave janet a makeover by wiping his sperm all over her face. it sure improved her complexion!

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