making put

anything referring to making out(or anything else).
i was making put in my yard.
it was fun.
pretending or wishing you were making out. can also refer to doing anything romantic or s-xual.
so i was in this alley making put with this girl and it was pretty great. just making put. i make put all the time. i make put when i’m tired, i make put when i’m bored, i make put when i’m eating.
to pretend or wish you were doing something romantic or s-xual, or doing something romantic or s-xual.
i was making put last weekend with this girl in a corner. i went to town with that burger.
the act of wishing you were doing something romantic or s-xual, or doing something romantic or s-xual.
i was making put in my yard with this girl, you sees, when a coyotey comes and swallows all the put. now, how am i supposed to feed it to the needy children?

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