basically australia’s answer to chuck norris
chuck norris can slam a revolving door but makka can make it slam itself. and then make him coffee.
anything large, excessive, or otherwise inordinately disproportionate by almost any measure. (note: subst-tution with the word honking sans onomatope.) (also spelled; maka, moka, maacka,
he blew a makka booger out his nose.
a norwegian slang for amphetamine. pretty funny word made famous by the duo “to trøtte typer” on youtube.
dude, last night i sniffed some bad -ss makka, i walked 10 miles on like 30 minutes…
1. word meaning bad or sh-t

2. another word for a t-rd
1. that film i saw last night was complete pile of makka

2. i’m going to take a makka in the toilet
makka is slang for amphetamine in norwegian.
1) that piece of sh-t makka was probably rat poison.

2) makka-ronny, pepper-ronny and makka-ivar are good friends.
stop talking makka.

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