this nasty tenticle thing that’s in final fantasy it sucks
look at that green mouth malboro you gone die
malboros are fiends from the video-game series final fantasy by square-enix. they appear in final fantasy ii, v, vi, vii, vii:cc, viii, ix, x, x-2, xi and xii and are feared by most players with low-level characters.

their appearance is usually intimidating, most of them being by far larger than the protagonists, mouth wide open and tentacles (sometimes with multiple eyes) lining their green body.

in the early games they appear in groups, changing their behaviour through the series and appearing solo later on, capable of extinguishing a group of heroes on their own. one of their most dangerous attacks is “bad breath”, also known as “sour mouth” or “breath”, which afflicts one or more members of the party with all kinds of status alignments.

the name can be derived from the latin words mal and boros, meaning bad breath.
being a malboro kept in the imperial city as a pet by mme. zammadria.

name: carrot
age: 8
gender: female

upon a journey to nalbina to visit her husband, a member of the restoration committee, her dear carrot escaped and made for its natural homeland in the salikawood. mme. zammadria pet-tioned a hunt for this mark to avoid unwanted scandal.
– final fantasy xii

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