malcolm turnbull

29th and current prime minister of the commonwealth of australia.

affectionately referred to by his adoring party members north of 50 in the most serious of circ-mstances as: malcolm turncoat, or some other clever variation thereof.

rather large fan of pontificating and gesturing dramatically either barefisted or with his trendy gl-sses held aloft in an attempt to enthuse people poorer than himself as to the merits of a government agenda he himself does not believe which is largely pushed upon him by a rabid right-wing caucus under the firm command of the insurgent former prime minister and standard bearer for those who like their onions just a little too raw, tony abbott.

lives in wentworth, sydney.

likes kayaking, his wife (hopefully), and his three dalmatian-poodle-shiatsu crosses, mo-mo, puddles, and hrh richard the iii.
you, generally ignorant of the inner workings of the government of australia: “oh man, how’s the pm kevin rudd going?”
your cluey friend: “oh julia gillard stabbed him in the back and took his job.”
you: “oh, how’s she doing as pm?”
friend: “oh, kevin rudd stabbed her in the back and took her job.”
you: “oh, well how’s he doing as pm then?”
friend: “dunno, tony abbott took his job.”
you: “ah sh-t, how’s my main man abbott doing as pm?”
friend: “dunno, malcolm turnbull stabbed him in the back and took his job.”

you: “well… sh-t.”
refers to a man who is inflicted with a small p-n-s. often these types are products of grammer schools.
did you see the guy in the showe. what a malcolm turnbull.

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