malik obama

also know as (best obama )

slayer of thots

meme master

future god emperor of africa

shall live forever
malik obamas excursion into the twitter arena represents an pivotal moment for human culture and civilization. in creating his recording, twitterverse , malik throws out all conventional ways and approaches to artistic expression and replaces them with new structures and processes of -n-lyzing the age-old problematics brought about by human conflict, ident-ty and belonging.

malik manages to do this by utilizing a multi-disciplinary, consilient approach (which e.o. wilson would be proud of) by synthesising elements of american popular culture such as polotics and hip hop. in sartre’s existentialist tradition, malik utilizes the elements available in his times and environment to revalidate and giving meaning to what had become a god like existence, while at the same time elevating & liberating the rest of humanity to another level of meaningful existence.

destined to be a cl-ssic and the topic of scholarly and intellectual discussions for quite some time.

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