definition: having a bad odor, however it is mainly used in a sentence as an insult

synonyms: evil-smelling, fetid, foul, foul-smelling, high, malodorous, mephitic, noisome, olid, putrid, rancid, rank, reeking, stinking, p–p

an example insult would be: “you are a malodized p-n-s”
troy: ewww, this milk must be old. it’s pretty darn malodized”

gabriella: “oh boy troy, i wouldn’t drink that malodized milk if i were you. here troy, have some of my milk instead ;)))”

chad: “yo, you’re pretty malodized, you stinky old fart”

teacher: “that isn’t a nice thing to say, young person. for that, will literally make you eat your own feet. i’m not kidding, and i will leave your malodized carc-ss to rot in my b-tt sack

chad: *gulp*

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