a male thot
becky was shocked to find that her boyfriend was a malot. he talked to 69 other women besides her!

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  • mama's girl

    is the feminine equivalent to mama’s boy. when a girl is more close to her mother instead of her father. that little girl is never content without her mum. “she is definitely a mama’s girl.”

  • mammaskejtarn

    supercool swedish mother kicks patriachal-structures in the skateworld. patrichal skateguy 1: oh sh-t! there comes mammaskejtarn! patrichal skateguy 2: no!!! let´s run !!! or she kick our -sses!!!

  • meat cheese

    a by product of sweat, glandular expulsions, and body dirt found on the male anatomy usually in and or around the area known to many as the taint. yo, your mama has some meat cheese in her moustache… whose taint has she been licking?

  • microflirting

    similar to micro aggressions, microflirting is flirting on a smaller, much subtler scale. maybe she’s married, he’s engaged, or they’re in the same friend group, but they occaisonally make comments or gestures that suggest that interest. girl: “hey, i really like your hair today. i love the conservative, clean-cut style.” guy: “thanks!” guy’s friend later: […]

  • midnight milkshake

    when a man goes down on a woman with a yeast infection and sucks out all of the leaking puss. when josh came back up for air, he had a little midnight milkshake on his face.

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