malter is an un-easy girl who usually likes to start drama and spread rumors you can never be to sure about a malter because they may have a son and snoop through your phone
d-mn malter is a sleazy sk-nk

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    a guy who tries extremely hard to act straight but gets intoxicated and bangs dudes . dude, last night i saw a dude andyscotting so hard . later on someone caught him banging a dude by a dumpster .

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    when the p-n-s slips out of the mans shorts that man has his cat out of the bag

  • deiry

    so beautiful, will keep you laughing but a hoe biggest hoe you will come across. will pretend to be loyal but be a snake on the low. s-xy as h-ll , sh-tty -ss heart. “there goes deiry again with someone new ” ” deiry can never stick to just one “

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