Mama Deuce

mother, mom, or mommy
mama deuce will be mad if i break curfew.

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    a person who has many races j-zz stored in between toes, teeth, and pubic hairs. me, my spanish, black, and asians friends all j-zzed on this b-tch, that d-mn j-z dumpster wh-r-.

  • jizler

    someone who jizes (c-ms) on someone else. i hear that he is a real jizler especially on thursdays

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    a j-zzintine is a clementine that you cut a hole into and j-zz in it. close it back up and freeze it and serve it as a dessert at a dinner party. oh-no! i forgot to make the j-zzintines for to night!!!!

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    essentially, the act of giving an ejaculatory facial or pearl necklace, however, the -j-c-l-t- contacts in a manner that is more fine than heavy in nature. the resulting pattern is more elegant, and can be compared to rhinestones, such as in bedazzling or vajazzling. “i pulled out to finish on her br–sts, and i totally […]

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    derived from “izz nice”, a phrase from the widley popular film “borat”, j-zz nice is used to describe something that is very nice or extremley buff. to describe an action, thing, or person is a very positive way. “sik won…….thats j-zz nice”

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