Man pond

when you make a clump of toilet paper wet, and place it betwixt your cheeks to cool off a spicy b-tt hole.
i stupidly added ghost peppers to my burrito, and the next morning had to man pond my hole to keep from crying.
when you c-m into a girls bellyb-tton
i just j-zzed in your bellyb-tton, that is my man pond
a gathering of males at a certain location to bond.

a large group of males (and some masculine females) that partake in physical activities in an attempt to bond and unite, particularly on a hot day.
“dude, it’s a f—ing man pond out here with all these guys groping each other,” said john.
v. to urinate on a shaved chest and watch it gather into a substantial body of urine, resembling a lake, or more appropriately, a pond, as the name suggests.
you should have seen this guy get manponded last night. he was swimming fer sher.
the combination of a man’s duck b-tter and swamp -ss.
the only thing you could smell was his man pond

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