Man United

a team followed mostly people out side of england who know nothing about soccer and cannot name any other soccer team.
manchester is a brand not a team, owned by an american, aite!!!!
manchester united supporter; man united 4 live.
-rs-nal supporter; dude, man united kinda sounds like a gay night club.

manchester united supporter, go’s home, not knowing what to think.
a typical sh-t team. often nick named man united but there original name is manure defined in german to man ush-ted which can be understood as man, you sh-ted. this sh-t football club based in the north west of zimbabwe is one of the most boring teams in world football. there fans are all from africa and the club is hated by everyone. all of their fans are called gloryhunters.
“dad, why is that ref wearing a manure shirt? as he is a referee shouldn’t he be neutral?”
“no son! manure/man ush-ted are controlled by an alcoholic c-kehead man who is 70+ year old.”his name? son shouts “baconface” the brainy owl explains. man united = sh-t c-kehead junky b-st-rds. + ferdinand smokes crack
abbreviation of manchester united
man united is simply the best!

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