management rights

a term, reason, or judgement given to employees who have been afflicted on the job, yet despite the employee’s undisputed evidence that say otherwise, they are told t o “stand down” or “pick your battles”. the term is interchangeably used as a more professional way of saying “because i f-cking said so and i am more interested in preserving my own ego and illusion of always being right than actually doing whats right. we must not look weak”. the term is common place in workplaces h-ll bent on the preservation of a good ole boy/club mentality where the rules only apply to some to give a select few what they want.
sub-boss –” can you beleive the facts these guys brought against me on my decision. what do we do now”. boss– “don’t worry, we will just claim management rights. its more important for it to look like you made a sound decision”.

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