mancing is a man dancing by himself. this often occurs at home when no one else is around. most mancing will involve wearing just underwear and socks but not necessarily limited to just undergarments. it is completely possible for mancing to occur in public and anywhere.
marc: i love it when tom cruise starts mancing in risky business.
zach: that’s the only reason to watch that movie!
joe: you’re both gay.
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kissing and romancing with a friend.. nothing more nothing less with no prospect of a relationship. a less sleezy and nicer version of being a friend with benefits!.. romancing, without the ‘ro’….just mancing !

rules of mancing.
1) no developing ‘feelings’ for the other mancer
2) no jealousy of the fellow mancer
3) always take the other mancer out for dates (this is compulsary)
4) never pda

5) always have fun mancing
6) keep it casual…
7) never make it obvious, keep it tekkers
8) you must impulsively get pointless matching tattoos and/or go to ireland for a night and/or get married for banter.
girl- i’m so glad we’re friends
boy – will you come over for tea later?
girl – i will of course, if you grab me by the ponytail and ride me like a horse..

boy- standard mancing sesh…!

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