an infant-sized man. an adult male who fits into and wears baby clothes.
he never grew out of his manfantile onsies, and continued to wear them throughout his postmature manfancy.
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a grown man who behaves like an infant.
parth just threw a tantrum… he’s such a manfant!
manfant – full grown adult male encapsulated by a 48 to 60 inch tall child-like body. a short adult male who compensates his shortcoming with att-tude.
1. chris is such a manfant, the dude is 40 years old and is only as tall as my b-llsack. what’s up with that?

2. carter came over today wearing a custom made infant bodysuit, what a douchebag manfant he is…

3. dude, manfant came running around the corner from the living room into the kitchen and headb-tted me right in the sack. it hurt so bad, i bout sh-tted my pants.

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