manic depression

another term for bipolar disorder. people with manic depression go through phases of mania and depression, often lasting weeks or months. everyone’s cycles are different. some people get sick at the same time of year. when people are manic, they spend more, have more energy, sleep less, are productive and the life of the party. some people only have hypomania, and do not become manic. not everyone with bipolar disorder gets depressed either.

true mania means that they stop sleeping altogether, make decisions that don’t make sense, stop being able to attend work or school and may suffer psychosis. to stablize them often requires hospitalization. people with manic depression typically take a mood stabilizer and an antipsychotic daily. some antidepressants, ritalin and cocaine can cause mania. smoking pot is not okay for people with bipolar disorder, because it can induce psychosis in them.

it may take years for a person with bipolar disorder to find the right medication. even when they take their medication, they may still have problems with mania and depression. people who only suffer from mild hypo mania may not need medication. but a person who has mania and depression needs treatment. other things that help people are smoking cigarettess, getting lots of exercise and sleep, and trying not to eat too much sugar or caffine.
russell brand has manic depression, which could explain his relationship problems. people with mania or hypomania are often, but not always, plagued with an excessive s-x drive. this can result in them being exploited by others for s-x. like russell brand, pretty much all people with bipolar disorder/manic depression tend to be very creative and talented.

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