it means to have stress and can’t think strait.or to like / love a person.
i really manjakeys that boy near samuel’s locker.😍😍😍😍

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  • trap pad

    the name given to an ipad (typically a school issued one) that is used as a subst-tute for a phone, therefore used for talking to friends and other sketchy plans. “i just got my phone taken away, i’ll have to use my trap pad to hit up the hoes.

  • waddido

    (what it do) it means “whats up”. 1: eyo waddido? 2: planning som drivebys hehe. what it do to you doe? 1: welp.. not much… 2: eyo 3, waddido? 3: i am just sectretly listening to your conversation.

  • bremerton cross

    the littest squad in the city . you will never see a more lit squad. they party hard and get women! robert:”hey, are you on bremerton cross?” f-ggot:”no” if your not on cross youre a queer a$$ fedge

  • mudswamp

    a name given to a person who eats -ss and gets fecal matter left on their chin guy 1: what is up with ricky’s chin? guy 2: he’s got mudswamp! he got it from amanda guy 1: that’s disgusting

  • p**py sniff

    a grown man living through the good ole days with insults. sniper : you’re being really mean corpie : oh and you’re being a p–py sniff someone who thinks they are always right even when provided with direct facts. “she is such a p–py sniff”

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