the light of a heart
she is a manjot. she makes my heart smile
the hottest girl alive. usually gives guys b-n-rs and she is a nice and loyal friend. she loves doing all nighters and is usually very friendly. if you date a manjot, never let her go. it’s rare to find her. she can make anyone smile. she is exciting, adventurous, s-xy and outgoing. the way she looks at you can change your whole entire life. if you know a manjot consider yourself very lucky. manjot’s are usually very crazy and get drunk and high often so beware. don’t unleash the inner manjot cause you’ll be in trouble.
s-xy manjot young dope best brown
the funniest, best looking, most affectionate and thought-provoking indian man you will ever meet in your life. these men are rare and are only found in certain parts if the world. if you come across a manjot in your day-to-day life, you are very lucky and should marry him immediately.
girl a: omg! did i tell you that i ran into a manjot yesterday!

girl b: you did?! you’re sooo lucky! marry him before you lose him!!

girl a: right! en route to the chapel!
a tinky mon who puts ants in a metal cup filled with water and serves it to people, unaware of the results.
oh my gosh dude, your such a manjot!
1. ball buster. 2. lame 3. party crasher
1. if you ruin someone elses fun, and act like their mom. “your a manjot”

2. if your f-cking a person in the middle of the night and they come in and complain that they are breaking curfew. “your a manjot”

3. if you purposefully try to blow someones high. “your a manjot”

4. if you criticize pmw “your a manjot”

5. if you judge someone based on their “recreational activities” “your a manjot”
sampurn pannu’s mom.
manjot just jotted that man again.

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