the male version of anorexia nervosa, or any general wasting away of the body in men. this eating disorder is commonly seen in starlets but is now affecting men, where they take on the wasted appearance of starving children in third world countries.

this is more often a drug-related issue in men, than the self-esteem issue it manifests as in women.
j.lo’s man marc antony has totally got manorexia. the guy looks like skeletor.
manorexia is an electroclash song by two popular twin brothers in hollywood called “elephant.” it’s about the ‘male form’ of anorexia. the song is meant to be a humorous look at the world of h-m-s-xual men in america living up to absurd physical standards.

manorexia anorexia eating disorder
1) male form of anorexia nervosa where the person becomes psychologically obsessed with any visible quant-ty of fat tissue and diets, drinks, or uses drugs compulsively in an intentional attempt to get thinner.
2) psychological disorder in males denoted by obsession with their body image, usually musculature. manorexics often resort to compulsive weight lifting, use of dietary supplements, or steroids in an attempt to build muscle m-ss to look “perfect”. the end result of uncontrolled manorexia is grotesquely large muscles.
1) trent, we’re here because we love you, and we are concerned that you have a problem with manorexia.

2) see flex magazine – this is not an ad, but a warning:
when a man doesn’t eat for a prolonged period of time, not because he has self-image issues, but because he has simply forgotten that he was supposed to eat regularly.
“wait, when was the last time you ate?”
“dude, that’s a serious case of manorexia right there.”
it’s a working temporery version of “anorexia”, which only males are capable of. a male that is not satisfied with how built his body is because he has a little beer belly and the chicks he is banging. so he eats very little, downs fat burners, works out like the incredible hulk curling abram tanks and benching rosie o’donnell and squatting oprah, until he gets the results he wants and goes back to banging hotter chicks continuing his life before manorexia.
guy 1: yo, remember tony?

guy 2: yeah, he’s the somewhat big guy back in college…

guy 1: yeah, he went manorexia mode and got big man!

guy 2: yo there’s tony right there! =\…is that…what the f-ck!

guy 1: yo! that’s my b-tch and your b-tch! >=( f-cker…we would kick his -ss if he wasn’t so d-mn huge…b-st-rd…
the opposite of anorexia. can be applied to both genders.
guy 1:so how did your date w/ amy go?
guy 2:sh-tty she ate 4 pizzas and all the bosco sticks!
guy 1:d-mn that b-tch has manorexia!
a psychological disorder among males where one’s self-image is over-inflated to include greater height, weight, strength, intelligence or genital endowment, contrary to one’s actual physical appearance, s-xual or mental capacity.
greg’s manorexia made him believe he could fend off his two somoan attackers. but at 5’3″ and 100 lbs he was no match.

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