when someone is so comprehensively beaten by an opponent that it is likened to being sodomised.
the all blacks just manshamed england.

that was a total manshaming, prison-style with no lube.
goading a dude to do something by ill-strating what a f-ckin’ p-ssy he’s being.
dude 1: hey, i made it to the apartment. the apartment itself is nice but i’m anxious about the neighbourhood. it doesn’t help that i don’t have a car so i’m stuck on foot and public transportation.
me: north you’re fine, south it gets a little dicey
dude 1: that’s not really encouraging. i’m sorry about this, but i’m hoping i can cancel the rest of the stay.
me: uber is plentiful and cheap, pick you up right outside. dude, i lived there for seven years. greg has been staying there two nights a week for five years. he’s a little 70 year old man. i’ve had countless guests of all types stay there – men, women from all over the world. never had any problems. one guest was this tiny little filipino chick, about 45 kg, she didn’t have a problem. the ukrainian girl i mentioned didn’t have a car either. she stayed there for a month and didn’t even use uber. she walked downtown every day, didn’t have any problem
dude 2: is the guy going to stay?
me: he might, i man shamed the sh-t out of him

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