v. mantlo, mantlo’d

1. to not be paid back (as in a loan)
2. to be cheated out of money
3. to have one’s girlfriend or interest taken
1. lender: will, you owe me that $5.
will: dude, i paid you back.
lender: no you didn’t.
3rd party: lender, you’ve been mantlo’d.

2. situation: corner table, cracker barrel. arrive at table, $4 tip still remains from previous customer. will takes tip, places it in pocket. upon finishing his meal, will retrieves $4 from pocket and kindly tips waitress… 3rd party: waitress, you’ve been mantlo’d.

3. friend: man, that girl’s hot.
will: you talked to her any?
friend: yeah, a little. i think i’m going to ask her out soon.
will: (to himself, or others) yeah, i think i’ll get someone to get her number for me so i can text her.
3rd party: friend, you’ve been mantlo’d.

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