alessandro (francesco tommaso antonio)
[ah-les-sahn-draw frahn-ches-kaw tawm-mah-zaw ahn-taw-nyaw] /ˌɑ lɛsˈsɑn drɔ frɑnˈtʃɛs kɔ tɔmˈmɑ zɔ ɑnˈtɔ nyɔ/ (show ipa), 1785–1873, italian novelist, poet, and dramatist.
historical examples

i went to see manzoni,’ he says, ‘in his house some six or eight miles from milan in 1838.
the life of william ewart gladstone, vol. 1 (of 3) john morley

the history of “the manzoni requiem” is of more than ordinary interest.
the standard oratorios george p. upton

he remembered the first time that her eyes had met his at the manzoni in milan four years ago.
the devourers annie vivanti chartres

this looks as though gozzi had reason to believe that mme. manzoni would write her autobiography.
the memoirs of count carlo gozzi count carlo gozzi

monti met the young manzoni when he was on a visit to the college, and took an interest in him.
builders of united italy rupert sargent holland

as the venerated name of manzoni has fallen from my pen, i shall describe the visit that he made to my studio.
thoughts on art and autobiographical memoirs of giovanni dupr giovanni dupr

manzoni informed me that i was speaking to her excellency, madame querini.
the memoires of casanova, complete jacques casanova de seingalt

manzoni lived to see all his hopes fulfilled, and died two years after the fall of the temporal power, in 1873.
modern italian poets william dean howells

as his compatriot, manzoni, said of him, “cavour has all the prudence and all the imprudence of the true statesman.”
the development of the european nations, 1870-1914 (5th ed.) john holland rose

the day before going to the seminary, i had taken care to entrust all my papers to madame manzoni.
the memoires of casanova, complete jacques casanova de seingalt

alessandro (alesˈsandro). 1785–1873, italian romantic novelist and poet, famous for his historical novel i promessi sposi (1825–27)

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