a beautiful girl with a great smile. she is weird and funny, even when she is sad. sure, she gets mad; but is usually always good-spirited and is always always optimistic. she is loving to her brothers and sisters(if she has any) even when they are awfully annoying!!!:) everyone loves maquela because she is so nice and loving. if you are feeling down, talk to maquela. she plays a very motherly figure, is very responsible… sometimes. maquela is very socially awkward and just awkward in a good way.:) maquela is not pr-nounced ma-kway-la…. its pr-nounced like makayla(ma-kay-luh) maquela is a true friend.
who is that?

you don’t know who that is!!!
dude! thats maquela.
are you cereal?
yes! thats maquela!!!
she’s pretty.
i know right!

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