big pr-ck that has a chode! sucks c-ck and likes it up the -ss, he has one pubic hair and is a big bender he has no skills he is just a sh-t f-ck! sh-ts in a sock leaves it til hard then shoves it up his are!!
marc has an -sshole of 20cm
1.) physically attractive man.
2.) intellectually attractive man.
3.) emotionally attractive man.

has a voice so sweet he could make a wolverine purr. most and probably best of all, he’s more than you and yo momma combined.
person a: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
person b: i wanna be marc!
often described as a s-x god, a man able to pleasre women for hours on every orfice of their bodies
i had great s-x last night,he was a marc in the sack.
marc is the definition of a real man. he is everything that a woman would ever desire. he is the kind of man that should never be let go. if you ever get him, you indeed know that you have won a prize!
d-mn, im so blessed to have marc, he treats me like a nubian goddess.
marc can be used to describe a person extremely talented at maths. a maths geek!

a person who takes great interest in magic, and is amazing at it is a marc.

a person who plays guitar very well is a marc.

marc is someone with s-xy hair.

should not be mistaken for mark, with a k.
“i’m having trouble with algebra, i wish marc was here”

“cor, your hair looks sooo marc!”

“play me something, you marc.”
a really s-xy kid that dates sl-ts
yo! i wish i was like marc he is a pimp
a person with a very large p-n-s who can f-ck wildly. these marc’s can be found in england
bre: omg i f-cked a marc last night
tash: realy?
bre: it was amazing
the capitalized word marc is a male first name, the catalan, french, romanian and welsh forms of the name mark.
hi, my name is marc.
hi, my name is mark.

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