1) a name

2) the name of a brazilian prost-tute
‘i’m back from brazil’

‘did you get a marcia’

‘you know i did’
someone who is beautiful, sensual, exciting, and smart. smells like flowers!!
that girl is so awsome, shes a total marcia!!

this smells so good, like a marcia.
a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. she is extremely loyal, trustworthy, hilarious, kind, intelligent, charming, stylish, insanely gorgeous and cute, unique and the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for. she is beautiful inside and out. marcia’s are very modest and sometimes underestimated, often surprising you with her never ending list of abilities. marcia’s also tend to be very talkative but are also great listeners and give great advice. she is easy to talk to, very approachable and makes a great leader although you may not see it. marcia’s are very helpful and giving and are great if you need a person to muck around with or cause some trouble. you are very lucky if you have a marcia in your life, or have them as a friend. also note, although marcia’s have their bubbly, loveable personality, they are very tough so make sure you stay on their good side. she is the girl every boy loves and every girl admires. even with her flaws, she is perfect.
‘what do you think of her?’
‘who? marcia? love her’
pretty much basically the most perfect girl in the entire world, in every aspect possible. marcia’s are generally polish, absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, hilarious, and the best friends anybody could ask for. the nicest girls in the world, and the best cooks. also, incredibly modest. too perfect for words really.
i wish i could have the most perfect girl in the world, i need a marcia.
1) a person who is completely accident-pr-ne and constantly gets themselves into extremely awkward situations to the entertainment of all the people around her!
her dog swallowed her false teeth and she rang the vet instead of the dentist…….she is such a marcia!
street name for bk-mdma (methylone), a psychoactive drug of the phenethylamine, amphetamine, and cathinone chemical cl-sses that acts as an entactogen, psychedelic, and stimulant. it is the β-keto -n-logue of 3,4-methylenedioxy-n-methylamphetamine (mdma).
rollin’ with marcia

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