an absurdly large and specific number created by matpat from game theory to describe the amount of possible and fun levels that can be created in super mario maker.
a marioplex is a number larger than the amount of atoms in the known universe.
marioplex is the number 10^12431.
dude there could be marioplex fun levels in mario-maker
the name for the number 10^12431
hey! did you know there’s marioplex level customizing options in super mario maker?
the order of magnitude of the number of possible playable and fun levels in mario maker; 10^12431

source: matpat from the game theorists, “game theory: super mario maker, bigger than the universe!”
i finally made a marioplex levels!
the number of potential levels that can be made in nintendo’s video game, super mario maker. the number has an approximate value of 10^12431, discovered by mattpatt of the game theorists on august 8th 2017. this number is thought to be greater than the number of particles in the observable universe.
i hope my design in mario maker doesn’t get lost in the vast marioplex of levels already in there.
name for the infinitely large number 10^12431
math cl-ss feels like it goes on for a marioplex.
a marioplex is a number x10^1243. this number was claimed by matthew patrick from game theory.
whats that number? its 100 marioplex

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