an imaginary world where only the coolest people exist. current population: 3
wow! you are way cool, you must be from marshe.

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  • enerel

    usually a very attractive asian girl. eager to find love and grow up fast. worries about her brain and smartness but does not show it, usually considered the “dumb blonde” in the group. very shy but hates that about herself, wants to be an outgoing type but has low self-esteem. takes most things very seriously […]

  • engelpimp

    an extremely large women who thinks she black and that wears the same outfit but different colors everyday. “hey when do you have ms engelpimp?” “oh d-mn, next period”

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  • enscoped

    adj; focused; litmiting intense concentration on a distant object or ideal the enscoped realm of law-enforcement will occasionally step on the toes of the everyman.

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