marvelous n terriffic combined
i was feelin marveriffic today

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  • mastungulas

    very big,masive,cajunga “woah man,that wave was so mastungulas”

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    having s-x whilst trying to keep a camenbert cheese on your head! can be played compet-tively! was up for a challenge a gave matawakka a go! a good laugh! it is where a person tries to keep a camembert cheese on their head whilst having s-x. went to a party last night and did a […]

  • retarticals

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    short form for ‘white van’ audio speakers. if someone in a white van approaches you – usually in a mall parking lot – and says they have a surplus of home audio speakers they’re willing to literally ‘give away’, that’s because they can’t even do that….until they meet someone like you. you think this is […]

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