Masakazu Katsura

mangaka, author of many successful shonen-ai such as “video girl ai”, “dna2” and “i”s”. his art is amazingly good, his stories talk about young 16-year olds with sentimental problems.
masakazu katsura created ai and just for that he should be made a saint.
a mangaka. gained notoriety through his work “video girl ai” and the incredibly well drawn girls and their -sses that lay within. has since gone on to create other notable works such as “dna^2”, “shadow lady” and “i”s”. he is also the character designer for the anime iria. currently he is drawing zetman; a manga that no one cares about.

also, dark horse sucks b-lls for not re-releasing “shadow lady” and all american manga publishers suck d-ck for not releasing “dna^2”.

joe while reading video girl ai, “man, masakazu katsura is awesome!. these girls are so d-mn s-xy. i just want to jump into that manga and f-ck ’em!”.

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