Mason Babka

a egotistical c-nt that needs to be punched in the f-cking jaw. a “mason babka” is someone who is overwhelmingly positive about himself and only himself. he has zero respect for others and gets what he wants by being bigger then those people. “mason babka” is also a little b-tch boy and when he doesn’t get what he wants he cries about it to his girl or to n-body at all. “mason babka” is also a racist, h-m-phobic pig that needs to get a m-ssive reality check slapped across his face. “mason babka” is surrounds himself with people he calls friends when in reality they can’t stand him at all. mason will usually threaten if he get pushed around. you see a “mason babka has a “god complex” and if he thinks that he is being pushed around by someone who he thinks is bellow him he resorts to his primitive roots and threatens them. this also shows how a “mason babka” can’t take a joke. at the end of the day “mason babka” can be summed up in one sentence…-ahem-….
mason babka is such a egotistical f-ck face that needs to be kicked in the b-lls… hard.

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