massive aggressive


1. displays of aggression, dissatisfaction, anger to a m-ss online audience such as facebook status, twitter, plaxo, linked-in, im status (choogle, yahoo, aim), etc. with the intention of targeting a individual or small group who are known to be connected and receive these messages.

2. exchanging or dealing insults, epithets, or derogatory terms at an individual through a m-ss communication or online community.

3. mini-flame or rant carried out in a public online community, forum, blog, or email-list using sarcasm or other p-ssive-aggressive behaviors.

1. jill had a m-ssive aggressive post that read “(name) is happy that some people don’t try to steal her boyfriend”

2. jane was being m-ssive aggressive toward you after your break up by setting her facebook status to say “(name) is done dating total tools”

3. dood, is tony being m-ssive aggressive or what? he wrote “(name) is spending time with friends who don’t flake out on plans all the time.” facebook.

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