massive load

referring to a large amount of s-m-n.
nick blew his m-ssive load all over my forehead.

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    a group of three or more f-ck boys i saw a giant ostentation of of f-ck boys going to that party, lets try somewhere else.

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    basically a bl-wj-b except it involves toothpaste. it doesn’t matter what kind of toothpaste or if you place some on the erection or in the woman’s mouth. mainly ideal for those who don’t brush. enjoy fresh tubing! -og pump chump joe: man is your girlfriend a hot piece of -ss. aj: yeah, the only flaw […]

  • frog drinking tea

    when something its ‘wrong’ but non of your business, but you still care or comment about it. mostly used on social media with pictures or emojis. for example: susie doesn’t look good with her new haircut 🐸☕️ (frog drinking tea)

  • wad block

    a box of tissues used specifically for catching s-m-n while masturbating. got a new wad block, i’m going home to watch some pr0n

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