Master Troll

th kind of a troll that common net-trolls cannot out-troll in forums. genuinely smart, a master troll is commonly the -most- clever of trolls who usually leaves other net-trolls and innocent preys mentally beat up ain frustration or even anger.

unlike common net-trolls, master trolls are at times a friend to many. he seldom or even never puts himself under the threads of others to seek attention. he usually starts his own “troll thread” as a venue, with the capacity to lure other trolls and counter trolls for a challenge which triggers their hunger for revenge in a battle of wits.
a master troll (mt) writes a troll topic/thread…

— gets replies…

regular visitor: @mt you don’t make sense.. ideas ideas… ,
troll1: @mt gfys ##$$#!!%& and @regular visitor –&@&[email protected]
troll2: @mt you know nothing! i am the best $^^%&&#& piece of s%%&
angry visitor: @mt $$- — and long narrative reply slams slams
counter troll: dont mind @mt he’s as stupid as he can be
netopath: @mt i own you, i’ll report you with your ip etc….

mt: thanks @troll1, any more snacks for me?

mt: @troll2, define “dim”

mt: @angry – you know i’m right here are point a,b,c as proof. thoughts?

mt: @counter what’s your proof?
<@counter sometimes exchange replies but runs out of arguments, get's caught and leaves>

mt: @netopath deny it or not, i’m your master… ready your toungue, here’s my b-tt.

mt: @regular visitor – ideas, ideas, ideas …
(discussion or trolling continues)

master troll says… 🙂
someone who can stop trolls from trolling.
man 1: ” when we were talking about charlie sheen suing cbs, someone told me that he was ‘bi-winning,’ so i told him to bug off and he did.”
man 2: you are such a master troll!
man 3:charlie sheen is a liar and a fake!!!
man 1: face it, you’re the liar troll!
(man 3 cries and runs away)
(man 1 makes awesome face)

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