when you get off looking at information relating to outersp-ce
my friend was going to look up some star citizen videos for his weekly mastursp-cetion.

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  • replebican

    a cl-ssic republican that is close-minded, biggoted, h-m-phobic, racist, s-xist, and every other bad ingredient thrown into pleb soup. donald trump is such a replebican! i’ve never seen a bigger -sshat.

  • milk flower

    young g-y lover, usually used by the subordinate male used in a sentence, such as “my succulent little milk flower”

  • hwy187

    hwy187 is short for the highway murderers.hwy is an abbreviation for highway and 187 is the california penal code for murder (§pc187). jared: “what do you want to get tattooed?” joey: ” i want to get hwy187 blasted on my neck.”

  • hrwhore

    a crybaby whiner who goes to the hr department for any and everything they think is, could be, or may be in the future, even remotely or imaginary, adverse to their position with the company. andrew has gone running to hr again; he is the biggest hrwh-r- to ever work for this company.

  • matilda style

    when someone goes down on you with a hat glued on. “girl his hair patchy af but he h-lla fine idk what to do” “b-tch duh try matilda style it worked for my mans and i”

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