matchbox memory

random images ingrained in your memory for no apparent reason, that are too vague to -n-lyze, or try to understand why? you remember them and not other random images from life.
ex, suddenly being reminded of the sight of walking through a carnival from ten years ago, or a person from a dream who you never knew, that come back to you occasionally.
“matchbox” memory, because they’re so small and disposable (so flammable) but somehow they never disappeared; like a match lighting on fire in an instant, a matchbox memory just comes to you for no reason, but you know you’ve already thought about it sometime before.
you know those things you remember, that are like flashbacks but they don’t mean anything? those one-frame memories taking up sp-ce in your brain for no reason? that’s a matchbox memory. images from your life that don’t mean anything but that you can’t shake

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