maudit anglais

cajun for “english-speaker” or “non-cajun.” the term goes back to when the acadians were driven out of their homes in acadia (part of the canadian province of nova scotia) by the british army and local officials in an early instance of ethnic cleansing.

in some parts of louisiana, the word “anglais” (“english”) is never spoken without “maudit” (“g-dd-mned” or “accursed”) before it – all in one term – maudit anglais = “g-dd-mn englishman,” “g-dd-mn english-speaker,” “g-dd-mn non-cajun (‘american’ understood)”, or “g-dd-mn yankee” (“yankee” and maudit anglais meaning about the same thing.
we were doing all right till a maudit anglais planning commission condemned our property to build a wal-mart on…

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