s-xy lil mama
d-mn she a maveric

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  • dirty connor

    when someone walks in on a someone f-cking a cat and then f-cks the cat in the left ear. me and connor did a dirty connor last night.

  • gaelane

    a nice but tough person to fool around with. gaelane is a stunning person and can do anything for you. also very trustworthy. very stubborn and mean sometimes. dang, she is a gaelane ugh she is just like a gaelane

  • george lawson

    best at rugby league and union all the girls love him he is always shouting everyone and he is just and all round f-cking legend george lawson: hey people: omfg its george lawson

  • makeup guru

    a person who teaches people how to do makeup mostly on youtube or instagram i am a makeup guru because i love to teach people who to do makeup

  • bill nyeing

    to have once been awesome but now is nothing but lame and shares fake news sarah total was bill nyeing me at the cl-ss reunion. god mom stop bill nyeing up my facebook feed !

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