a made up piece of sh-t by some guy on the “addict” topic
that guy is such a mavispoo

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  • max landry

    a queer who licks josh’s p-ssy, and loves the c-ck also. when ever he gets a chance to finger himself he takes it even in school. he says he has girlfriends but he means boyfriends. josh is almost as gay as bob!

  • norngry

    adjective to be norngry, one has to be “norny” and hungry at the same time. for the definition of “norny” see toe m-ssive’s’ definition of the word. this is one of the signs that your experiencing a change in your body where you can’t help but to have a s-xual experience whilst needing to eat. […]

  • nornan

    a maltese padlock witha maltese cross on the side of his head. also known as norny, nornskies or maca. that nornan’s a beast on field

  • p*n*s pig

    when you go to a party and a girl bangs every guy there, she is a p-n-s pig. anna was such a p-n-s pig last night. she banged anything with a p-n-s and two legs. i feel sorry for that parapalegic that missed out.

  • p*n*s peddler

    someone who sells p-n-s’ on the corner of busy streets. i was talking to the p-n-s peddler down the street and he said fat dongs are going two for one!!

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